What is a digital marketing plan and the types of digital marketing strategies

What is a digital marketing plan and the types of digital marketing strategies

Knowing how to create a digital marketing strategy for your business cannot be overstated. It can help you attract new customers and increase sales by taking advantage of the increasing amount of time people spend online. Your potential customers likely spend a lot of time-consuming online content, so it’s crucial to design a digital marketing strategy tailored to them to make a significant impact.

In this post, we will explain the different online marketing actions you can take and the steps you need to follow to develop a digital marketing plan for your business. Are you ready to create an online marketing strategy?

Types of Digital Marketing Strategies

There are many digital marketing techniques to consider when creating a strategy. However, it is almost impossible to specialize in all of them, and I do not recommend trying to do so. It is better to have a general knowledge of the different areas and then seek specialized training in digital marketing to gain a deeper understanding of the medium you are managing.

As the saying goes, “he who covers a lot, does not squeeze,” and this is often true when it comes to digital marketing. It’s better to focus on a few areas where you can excel rather than trying to do everything. Here are some examples of online marketing strategies:

  1. Content Marketing on the Blog

This strategy involves producing information and topics of interest to your audience with relevant content that resolves doubts, pain points, or needs of your target audience. By doing this, you can increase visibility for your website through your content, position yourself as an authority in the matter, and generate more conversions with your potential customers on your website.

  1. Advertising on Search Engines or SEM

This online advertising technique allows you to bid for relevant and interesting keywords to appear in the search results of Google or another browser. By doing this, you can attract qualified traffic to your website and offer them what they need or want.

  1. Advertising on social networks or Social ADS

Placing advertising videos on social networks helps you reach your audience through one digital media where people spend a large part of their time. You can segment what type of audience you can target, either by gender, age, interests, or demographic data.

For example, with social media advertising, you can drive your target audience to your website, start driving them through a sales funnel, or improve brand awareness.

  1. Search engine optimization or SEO

This technique focuses on improving the structure of your website, correcting errors and improving the user experience so that your web page is more attractive to the user and to Google. Some examples of what this type of digital marketing can help you with:

  • It helps you increase the visibility of your website organically or naturally.
  • You will reach a wider audience.
  • Improve the user experience by having a web page with good navigability.
  • Increase the credibility of your brand since users tend to trust those pages that are in the top positions.
  • It does not have costs like advertising and if you know how to implement this strategy, it will be free in terms of money.
  1. Influencer Marketing

This technique involves collaborating with social media influencers with a loyal audience for their content. If you choose a collaboration with a person who offers content or who has an audience that interests you, some examples of benefits you get are :

  • Your audience knows you by appearing in that public persona’s media.
  • If you recommend your product, you can increase sales.
  • You get greater brand authority by relating your brand to a reputable person.
  • You have to make sure that the influencers you choose shares the ideals of your brand and what you offer so that it has a positive effect.
  1. Mobile applications

While responsive web design can adapt to mobile devices, native applications designed specifically for mobile devices offer a superior user experience and interface. Creating a unique app can enhance your brand’s authority and reputation while also providing customers with a convenient way to access your products or services.

  1. Email marketing

Email marketing involves sending targeted messages to a database of subscribers who have voluntarily registered to receive them. Effective email marketing campaigns can have high open rates and provide opportunities for segmentation to ensure that the right content is delivered to the right people.

Most people in the business field send emails with signature. To set your emails apart from the vast sea of emails, you need to create a Gmail signature with your logo.

  1. Social media management

Organic social media postings can be a powerful long-term digital marketing strategy but require a deep understanding of your audience’s needs and interests. To create a successful digital marketing strategy, it’s important to consider the following key elements:


As you saw, there are different points to take into account when creating your marketing plan, but when created properly, it will allow you to reach your audience and achieve the objective that you have set for yourself.

You should know that all documentation that you prepare for a marketing strategy is a living document, where you will have to make modifications to adapt it to the problems or needs that you encounter along the way.

Luis Robinson

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