Smart Contact Lenses Tell You Where To Go

Augmented Fact (AR) promises to reduce us from from the boredom of mundane actuality and can also support you navigate unfamiliar environments. Present AR tech leaves anything to be ideal, but researchers at the Korea Electrotechnology Investigation Institute have introduced AR call lenses nearer to real truth.

The scientists micro-printed FeFe(CN)6 ink onto the get hold of substrate and thermally lowered it at 120˚C for 9 seconds to variety Prussian Blue, an electrochromic pigment. By confining the materials with the meniscus of the ink, resolution was better than previous approaches to show information on call lenses. Although the capacity to reversibly modify from distinct to blue faded just after 200 cycles, the scientists ended up focusing on a disposable style of clever call lens, so degradation of the exhibit was not regarded as a deal breaker.

Since voltages applied have been regular, it would seem this is not a true bi-secure exhibit like e-ink exactly where electric power is only necessary to transform states. The on problem of a portion demanded .5 V when off was -.2 V. The scientists printed a get hold of with straight, still left, and ideal arrows as very well as Halt and GO commands. Linked to a GPS-geared up Arduino Uno, they utilized it to navigate between 10 distinct checkpoints as a demonstration. Only a 3D printed eyeball was brave more than enough (or had IRB acceptance) to use the make contact with lens, so observing the state alter by means of a macro lens connected to a smartphone camera experienced to do.

With extra AR devices on the way, perhaps it’s time to start embedding house objects with invisible QR codes or cleaning your workshop to get all set for your AR workbench.

Luis Robinson

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