Robot: Write Me an Article on Teaching with Google Slides

I love me some disruptive technology. No point in beating our chest about how technology x has made y obsolete. The business world can not ignore disruptive technology or they will go out of business. As educators we are in the business of preparing students for THEIR future. The future for students includes AI (Artificial Intelligence). It includes looking things up on Google and YouTube. Photomath is not cheating. The new thing to freak out education is ChatGPT. Ask it to write you pretty much anything. An essay, code, a recipe… anything you want!

Try Out ChatGPT

I Asked ChatGPT to Write This Article

I love to blog, but can ChatGPT replace me? I asked ChatGPT:

Write an Article on Teaching with Google Slides

Teaching with Google Slides is a popular and effective way for educators to engage and inspire their students. With this versatile tool, teachers can create interactive and multimedia-rich presentations that can be easily shared and accessed by students on any device with an internet connection.

One of the key benefits of using Google Slides for teaching is its collaboration features. Teachers can share a presentation with their students and allow them to add their own comments, suggestions, and even edit the slides in real-time. This allows for a more interactive and engaging learning experience, as students can actively participate in the creation of the presentation.

In addition to collaboration, Google Slides also offers a wide range of tools and features that can enhance a presentation. Teachers can add images, videos, and other multimedia elements to make the presentation more engaging and interactive. They can also use the drawing and diagramming tools to create diagrams, mind maps, and other visual aids to help students understand complex concepts.

Another advantage of using Google Slides for teaching is that it is easy to integrate with other Google tools and applications. For example, teachers can use Google Forms to create surveys and quizzes that can be embedded directly into the presentation. This allows for real-time assessment and feedback, which can be used to adjust the presentation and tailor it to the needs of the students.

Overall, teaching with Google Slides is a powerful and effective way for educators to engage and inspire their students. By using the collaboration and multimedia features of this tool, teachers can create interactive and dynamic presentations that can help students learn and retain information more effectively.


Try Again – Same Question

Google Slides is a powerful tool for teachers to create engaging and interactive presentations. With its user-friendly interface, teachers can easily create and edit slides, add multimedia, and collaborate with colleagues and students.

One of the key benefits of using Google Slides for teaching is the ability to collaborate in real-time. Teachers can share their slides with students and allow them to add their own content, making the learning experience more interactive and engaging. This also allows teachers to see how their students are progressing in real-time and provide feedback and guidance.

Google Slides also allows teachers to incorporate multimedia into their presentations, such as videos, images, and audio files. This can help to make the content more engaging and interactive for students. For example, a teacher can add a video to a slide to show a real-world example of a concept being discussed.

Another benefit of using Google Slides for teaching is the ability to access and edit slides from any device. This means that teachers and students can access and edit their slides from their smartphones, tablets, or laptops, making it easy to collaborate and work on projects from anywhere.

Google Slides also has a wealth of features and tools that can help teachers create professional-looking presentations. For example, teachers can use the built-in templates and themes to quickly create a visually appealing presentation. They can also use the various formatting options, such as font styles and colors, to make their slides stand out.

In conclusion, Google Slides is a valuable tool for teachers to create engaging and interactive presentations. With its ability to collaborate in real-time, incorporate multimedia, and access from any device, Google Slides can help teachers to create engaging and effective learning experiences for their students.


This says a lot of nothing!

Analyze over Memorize

ChatGPT slapped a bunch of facts together in what is a pretty basic article. It lacks details and examples that would actually be helpful. If you were looking for how to teach with Google Slides would this article transform your teaching?

The essay has not died. Education is not over.

What has died is the reliance on students memorizing things and calling it education.

I use Duolingo to learn Spanish. Does this mean Spanish teachers are obsolete? YES if the only thing a teacher does is asks kids to memorize verb conjugations. There are 5 million different math websites/applications that will tell students how to solve the quadratic formula and let them practice the skill. Does this mean that math teachers are obsolete? YES YES YES if that is all math teachers are expecting of their students… to crank out an answer.

Either education shifts to valuing creativity and critical thinking or we will all be out of a job.

ChatGPT is My New Sidekick

I code. I asked ChatGPT to write me Google Apps Script for creating Google Slides. This literally is one line of code

function makeSlides()SlidesApp.create(‘Google Slides’);

-coded by Alice Keeler

However, ChatGPT took it further.

I copied and pasted the output from ChatGPT and it had an error.

Cool. Now I can use critical thinking to ANALYZE THE MISTAKE.

I looked in my Google Drive. It DID create a Google Slides presentation. Now… to FIGURE OUT why it didn’t add a slide.

I am STRUGGLING to figure out the mistake. Even though I let ChatGPT get me started… it is challenging to adapt and modify it. While I am analyzing what is wrong with the code I am learning some new things, so win! For whatever I am doing I think I will keep ChatGPT open in another tab and let it help me GET STARTED!

Vygotsky’s Zone of Proximal Development

You can only get yourself so far and then you need someone to help you get farther. I’ve long said this is the role of the teacher. Not primarily for teaching students what they can do for themselves, but taking what they were able to do and taking it further.

Submit Your Draft

How can we help students GO FURTHER? Maybe they start with ChatGPT. Then analyze and modify the output. Now, how can we give them actionable feedback to go even further in creativity and critical thinking?

Instead of “turn in your work” consider “turn in you draft.”

Let Robots be Robots

We do not need children to compete with calculators.

We do not need students to compete with ChatGPT.

We do not need to grade low critical thinking tasks. If a robot can deliver the content. If a robot can grade it. THE ROBOT SHOULD ABSOLUTELY DO THAT! Free up your time as a teacher to help students be more creative. Free up your time to do the time consuming work of teaching students to be a critical thinker.

Most importantly, we need to teach students media literacy.

Now more than ever, false and intentionally misleading information is all over the internet. If we choose to do anything in our schools I hope that MEDIA LITERACY is our top priority. Students critically analyzing what robots, and nefarious characters, have put on social media, in blog posts, YouTube videos, and in news articles.

I Tweeted That ChatGPT was Making My Blog Post Today

Check out my Tweet but more importantly the REPLIES! Especially Donnie Piercey (see below) he’s a hoot!

Donnie Piercey Tweets Back

Some Educators Sharing What They Asked ChatGPT to Do

What I have learned by seeing what other educators are asking ChatGPT to answer is … they are way more creative than me!! ha!

My husband is an English teacher and here is what he asked ChatGPT

Luis Robinson

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