Retro Gadgets: Tired Of The Beatles On 8 Track? Try The Police

In the 1970s, 8-monitor audio players were pretty popular, primarily in vehicles. For a few of bucks, you could have the hottest album, and you did not have to flip the tape in the middle of a drive like you did with a cassette. We have observed a great deal of 8-tracks and most of us a specified age have even owned a number of gamers. But we could not find anybody who would admit to possessing the Bearcat 8 Observe Scanner, as observed in the 1979 Common Electronics advert down below.

The advert copy claims you can change your 8-Keep track of player into a 4-channel, 2-band scanner for less than $100. Most very likely, you necessary a crystal for every channel. We aren’t confident where the energy arrived from possibly, but the base states, “no battery essential.” We suspect the tape system shifting need to have spun a generator to electrical power the gadget, but that seems exotic. There is certain to be a location to plug in an exterior antenna, far too, so presumably, you don’t brain a number of wires and we would have guessed there was an external cigarette lighter plug.

Truthfully, we questioned if this was one particular of all those items that in no way arrived to marketplace, but you can occasionally obtain them on sale for about $100 or so. You can uncover a photo at RigPix, way too.

Of training course, cassette AUX adapters had been fairly common, which fed audio from a cellphone or MP3 player into your tape heads. Identical strategy. There have been also cassettes that have been Bluetooth adapters, but all of these we know of took a small battery. We have found those transformed to 8-observe, also. Want to see within an 8-observe? Not a difficulty.

But have you witnessed a person of these in the flesh? Enable us know.

Luis Robinson

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