JusTap Review 2023: 100% Genuine Insights

Just by tapping, you can make contactless digital business cards, create leads, collect money, get followers, and amass reviews with the JusTap app from an NFC technology agency. Check out this JusTap Review for complete information.

What is JusTap?

JusTap Review

The NFC-enabled Digital Business Cards & More are the first of their kind, allowing for more efficient networking. Envision yourself face-to-face with a client or consumer at a networking event or in your showroom. You spread the word and exchange data about your offering. They show great enthusiasm and interest in what you’re providing. You hand over your business card with the hopeful expectation of an immediate response. Suppose you give a business card to a potential client and they place it in their bag, wallet, or a book they’ll never read again. You can bet they’ll never see it again, or worse, they’ll miss you altogether.

Who Is Behind JusTap?

Karthik Ramani is the creator of this software. With more than eight years of expertise, Karthik has risen to the top of the software business and the internet marketplace. If you own a business and do any kind of regular internet job, you will benefit from purchasing his wares.

karthik ramani

JusTap Review: What Problems does JusTap Solve?

Target Market/Customers Pixelogo allows you to make an infinite number of custom icons. Most other branding solutions struggle due to a lack of flexibility in selecting logo icons, which leads to a uniform appearance among businesses. Pixelogo currently provides its users access to over 1.5 million logo icons. They can search the database of logo concepts by any keyword and quickly select the ones that best suit their needs. In all honesty, the potential outcomes are limitless.

You can upload as many fonts as you like. JusTap’s fonts are a great example of the company’s dedication to this aspect of branding. They provide access to more than 902 different fonts. The best feature of JusTap is that users can add their fonts to the collection by uploading them to the website. This capability is unique among branding tools.

Although JusTap makes it simple to establish brand identity from scratch, they have also included over 2000 pre-made templates, including anything from business cards to brochures.

Who Can Use This Justap?

jusTap users

If you are interested in leveraging NFC technology, this review has you covered from A to Z. You need JusTap if you want to enter the NFC market, whether it’s for your own company’s use or a client’s.

JusTap review: Features & Benefits

Justap Review

This JusTap review is particularly good for affiliate marketers. You can now quickly and easily make a bonus page for each offer you promote that features your company’s logo. Make a name for yourself in your field by developing a memorable logo and branding strategy.

justap members area

Online shopkeeper

As a result of Amazon’s success, several companies have adopted this strategy. Put your brand’s stamp on every page of your store, from the homepage to the checkout screen.

Your photo appears at the end of every blog post you compose and publish. That identifies the speaker to your audience in the text. You could accomplish the same thing by placing your logo at the top of your article; it would give your work a sense of familiarity and professionalism.

Professional in the field of video advertising

Use your logo in the title and closing credits of your videos to build brand awareness and a following. The thumbnails of the faces are too small to recognize and remember. Include a logo in all of your videos to increase brand awareness and recognition.

An Editor That Allows You To Drag And Drop Files

JusTap review

To put it simply, the JusTap Editor is a breeze to work with. My four-year-old nephew and my grandmother both had no trouble using it to make a professional-looking logo.

The business license for JusTap is supplied as-is, with no need to upgrade. More than two thousand logo templates are available for your use. A group of exceptionally imaginative designers is responsible for making these samples. Intelligently Powered by AI Easiest Logo Creator.

Generate Mockups Automatically

You can get your hands on the mockups right now. T-Shirt Mockup, Business Card Mockup, Facebook Mockups, iPhone Mockup, Letterhead Mockup, Mug Mockup, Software Box Mockup, and Ecover Mockup are just some of the mockups that can be made with a single click.

Collaborate on projects with your team using the in-app Team Share feature of JusTap. Dispense with the hassle of downloading and distributing designs to team members for feedback.

The JusTap Academic Institute:

In other words, even a total novice might use this instrument effectively. When you sign up for JusTap today to launch your logo design side hustle, you’ll have access to a comprehensive training portal where professional brand designers teach you the fundamentals of branding, logo design, client acquisition, client relationship management, and much more.

Maintenance of the templates once each month

JusTap Review

Logo design is what the pixielogo team does all day, every day. The above describes them perfectly. It’s in their nature to dream up and craft dazzling do signs. Every month, new logo templates are introduced to your account and are available for use in making logos for your company and the businesses of your clients.

Superior data for downloading

Once the drawings have been made, it is up to the individual to decide how they will be used. Transparent PNG, PDF, and HQ vector versions can be downloaded from the website or saved locally under unique project names. Mockups and file types that are suitable for printing.

Personal Experience: How JusTap Works?

During this JusTap review I realized that if you’re on the lookout for a fresh medium in which to disseminate information about your company or other digital resources, you’ve come to the perfect location. You need to revamp the way you conduct your offline business, but you have limited time and resources. Yes, that is the correct item that you have selected.

I was intrigued by a JusTap business card and wanted to learn more about the company. Sharing contact information using JusTap business cards is a great option. They are incredibly helpful for people in any field who travel frequently, attend networking events, or go to social gatherings. Also great for large groups.

JusTap Review: Demo

JusTap review: Pros and Cons


  • Very simple to use, making it ideal for newcomers.
  • To use this, you need not know how to code.
  • not necessitate any artistic ability
  • No prior knowledge is needed to use an NFC feature.
  • Wireless and contactless data transfers are used for sharing information.
  • Exposure to service and product


There have been no serious problems that I have found thus far. Even if they raised prices a little, you shouldn’t worry about it because the value you get is well above what you pay for.

JusTap Pricing & Plans

JusTap Commercial (costing $37)

JusTap Review shows that client work areas, digital business cards, a company name map, and payment and lead collection are just some of the features made possible.

Personalize business cards with various information, including images, logos, banners, phone numbers, descriptions, email IDs, social network profiles, websites, Google map locations, video galleries, customer feedback, appointment booking, and ratings.

JusTap Pro: $79.

  • Delete client names from business cards
  • access more design templates
  • print as many cards as you like
  • upload as many videos as you like
  • store as many photos and QR codes as you like.

JusTap Agency: $47

  • manage an infinite number of clients 
  • put your logo on the client-facing dashboard.
  • Including business cards, a do-it-yourself sales film, websites, and near-field communication tags (NFC) for local services is a whole marketing package.

“JusTap Do It Yourself” Bundle: $77

  • This add-on purchase is a Do-It-Yourself set. 
  • Use the club membership, event flyer, and business card templates.
  • For the next 12 months, you have access to a new batch of 10+ monthly templates.

JusTap Private Label ($147)

With the Whitelabel dashboard enabled by purchasing this add-on, you may start reselling Justap accounts under your brand. Sign up for a new account with a separate administration dashboard. Everything you need to sell your unique product is included in this optional extra.

The Instawrapper ($47) Special from JusTap.

To turn any video into a lead-generation or sales machine, this OTO is tailored to users in the marketing and influencer communities. Caption creation and video wrapper design (for the top, left, and right) will help your video stand out.

Why Should You Buy JusTap?

You need to revamp the way you conduct your offline business, but you have limited time and resources. Yes, that is the correct item that you have selected. You will have all you need to run a prosperous Offline business or agency for years to come with this tool, which allows you to design business cards equipped with NFC technology to facilitate sharing and grabbing of business cards within near-distance contact.

JusTap Review – My Opinion: Is it worth it to use?

money back guarantee

I was intrigued by a JusTap business card and wanted to learn more about the company. Sharing contact information using JusTap business cards is a great option. They are helpful for people in any field who travel frequently, attend networking events, or go to social gatherings. Also great for large groups.

The quality of JusTap’s customer service is its crowning achievement, far surpassing any expectations previously set. Overall, the presentation, onboarding, and follow-up support were excellent. It’s not as important as the real product. It comes with my strongest recommendation.

Luis Robinson

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