Jasper vs Content at Scale: How to Choose the Best One For You

Content creator, know thyself.  Is something that keeps coming up for me.  If your trying to decide between Jasper vs Content at Scale, you’re going to have to understand what you do well.

I’m learning that the more you know what your natural strengths are, the easier it will be for you to make choices, be more productive, save yourself time and money on marketing. 

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How to Use AI to Generate Emails, Blog Posts, Socials and More

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Creating content is no different.  You have to know what type of content creator you are.  These days there are dozens of AI content tools, with more launching every single day.  Each one has its own strengths and weaknesses, so you can really find one that works for you. 

There are a few things you need to know before you go out there choosing content tools.

What Type of Creator Are You?

There are two basic philosophies when it comes to AI content creation.  

There’s the “done with you” or iterative philosophy where you and the AI do this sort of dance.  You are the driver, and the AI jumps in here and there. 

If you are a niche content creator – choose Content at Scale

AI Content Generator for Quality SEO Long Form Blog Posts
AI Content Generator for Quality SEO Long Form Blog Posts

If you’re an agency or startup niche site, this AI content writing tool will help you produce excellent quality articles in minutes.

This is a new and layered technology that allows you to go from keyword to full keyword optimized article; that includes, keyword, title, meta description, sections, call outs and so much more.

All articles are unique and practically ready to publish.

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We earn a commission if you click this link and make a purchase at no additional cost to you.

If you are more of a thought leader or industry expert, choose Jasper. 

Jasper – Your AI Writer
Jasper – Your AI Writer

Helping you break through writer’s block into creative thinking

Meet Jasper

We earn a commission if you click this link and make a purchase at no additional cost to you.

Let’s dig into the details of why I say this.

General Product Niche vs Thought Leadership

General product means that you are in a specific niche or a well understood niche in which there is a lot of content and information about your business.  Examples would include, ecommerce products, fashion, beauty, health and wellness, interior design, etc. In essence, what sets you apart isn’t necessarily your point of view, rather it’s your product or service. 

You can tell you’re in a product niche when you search for the product or service that you’re selling and you find exactly what you’re looking for.  

Your goal with AI is to generate a lot of content, product descriptions, etc. because your success factor is to get a lot of SEO optimized products out there fast. 

Thought leadership means that you have a very unique point of view about your topic, industry or business. 

If you search a topic online there will be a lot of content, but when you read the content, you find yourself saying – they didn’t mention this, they didn’t say that. 

Your goal with AI is to help you fill in the general gaps of text and to help you move forward quickly.  If you’ve used AI before, you might have found the depth and breadth of information lacking. 

In other words, general product niches are exactly that – general thinking.  While Thought Leadership content is deep and unique thinking that the AI will not do well with limited information.  

Done With You vs Done For You

There are two types of AI tools out there – there are tools that are best at iterative content such as Jasper.ai – where you write along with the tool.  And then there are tools such as Content at Scale that generate complete content. 

If you’re a “thought leader” meaning that you have a very unique point of view about your topic, you’re going to want to go with a tool like Jasper, that is more iterative in nature.

Niched, industry or product specific content is just that – it’s specific.  The AI can easily get out there, pull some basic content together and all you have to do is make it your own.  Easy-peasy.


Another important criteria is your budget for creating content. Different writing tools have different pricing models, so you have to choose the writing tool that best matches how you create content with how they charge.

Jasper charges by the word.  Content at Scale charges by the post. 

So, if you are an iterative creator, you can customize your content as you go, thereby saving on words if the content you get isn’t what you want. 

Content at Scale charges by the post.  On average, you’re paying $25 per post with Content at Scale. That means that if you receive an AI written post that requires significant editing – you just threw away $25 dollars. 

Out of about 10 articles I’ve created with Content at Scale, I threw away about 3.  Every single one of the 7 articles I saved required SIGNIFICANT editing and customizing on my part. 

Jasper Pricing

Jasper vs Content at Scale - Jasper Pricing

I pay $99 for Boss Mode.  They used to sell it as “unlimited” – nothing is unlimited, they just gave me so many word credits that it feels unlimited for my usage. 

jasper credits

Content at Scale Pricing

Content at Scale charges you by full blog post.  The average price is about $25 per post. 

Jasper vs Content at Scale - content at scale pricing

Currently, if you land on the home page, you’re going to have to ask to be on a waitlist. I’ve heard that they’ve lowered the price to $150 per month. But you really have to look around for that one. 

Feature Comparison: Content at Scale vs Jasper

Let’s take a deeper dive into specific features and how Content at Scale compares to Jasper.  Again, my goal here is to help you choose the best tool for you.  So think about how your specific use case and which tool is best for you.  Because both of these tools are outstanding. 

All kinds of content; blog posts, social, video script, etc  – Choose Jasper

Jasper is a more generalized AI writing tool. You can create social posts, video sales letters, Tweets, ads, and of course blog posts. 

Long form keyword optimized blogs – Choose Content at Scale

Content at Scale is specifically for content creators who want a lot of keyword optimized, long form blog content.

You can bulk upload your keywords and content at scale will generate 20 posts for $500 every month. 

Content at Scale also writes MUCH longer blog posts. The default is 2000 words.

If you want to rank for specific keywords and you want to generate a LOT of content, this is your tool. 

BEWARE – all content must be proofed, edited. Etc. 

FAQs, Call outs, Images, CTA’s and More – Choose Content at Scale

Content at Scale is truly an SEO driven platform. They use 3 layered AI platforms to create their content.  Content at Scale also generates a keyword optimized headline, and meta description, internally linked table of contents, gorgeous call-outs, and a customized call to action at the end. 

If this is your jam – Content at Scale is the perfect choice.  No other tool generates these kinds of fully “designed” blog posts. 

BEWARE – you will get repeated content.  You will have to check your facts. 

SEO Optimization Feature – Choose Content at Scale

content at scale on site SEO optimize

Content at Scale includes a native SEO on-page optimization feature.  This will help you tweak and edit your content to improve your rankings. 

Jasper integrates with SurferSEO, so you can get that optimization feature, but you’ll have to pay extra for SurferSEO – which is about $49 per month.

So if this feature is important to you – you would pay $500 per month for Content at Scale and up to $150 per month for Jasper and Content at Scale.  So it really depends on the number of articles you are generating monthly.

Publish Directly to WordPress – Choose Content at Scale

Content at Scale will connect directly to your WordPresss site and you can publish your blogs directly to WordPress.

Jasper only does this through it’s integration with SurferSEO.

If you don’t want to connect directly with WordPress, Content at Scale allows you to copy and paste HTML code directly into your WordPress. This is my favorite features. 

Jasper only copies and pastes directly into your WordPress site.  Honestly, it’s jot bad, the images upload and everything. THen I add any additional bells and whistles such as call-outs. 

You Do You

If there’s anything I’d like you to get from this article is that you have to choose what works for YOU and your content and the way you work. 

No matter what AI writing tool you choose, you have to know your stuff.  Even if the AI shares a link as a source, I’ve found those sources to be inaccurate; meaning that the link didn’t really contain the information the AI referenced. 

When it comes to choosing between Jasper and Content at Scale the differences are clear. I’ll summarize them here:

Choose Jasper if:

  • You want a wide variety of content from social posts, to ads, to blogs, etc. 
  • You are a subject matter expert with a unique point of view where you need to customize that content extensively.
  • You write less than 5 blog posts per week.

Choose Content at Scale if:

  • You want to create an average of 20 long-form blog posts every month. That’s about 5 long-form blog posts per week. 
  • You want to create blog posts in bulk based on a set of keywords
  • You want to connect your blog posts directly to your WordPress

Hopefully this helps you choose the right tool for you and your content creation style.

Luis Robinson

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