How to Get More Twitter Followers [Strategy]

Social media and community management are great ways for your company to reach potential clients. However, getting more Twitter followers is no easy task, especially when it means setting yourself apart from your competitors.

However, by learning strategies to enhance your value on this platform, you may still be able to reach an engaged audience and get your company known to more people.

My Little Big Web agency’s social media management experts give you a few tips that could help you get followers on Twitter and increase your online visibility.


comment avoir plus de followers sur twitter

And here is a table of contents to help you see things a little more clearly:

  1. Optimize your profile
    1. Improve your bio to attract new followers
    2. Connect your Twitter account and website
  2. Tweet often, but wisely!
    1. Plan your tweets and avoid posting in bursts
    2. Tweet when your target audience is most active
  3. Tweet relevant, high quality content
  4. Interact and build a relationship with your Twitter followers
    1. Answer your Twitter followers
    2. Tell your Twitter followers your story
    3. Retweet and quote tweet relevant tweets
  5. Use fleets
  6. Use memes, gifs and hashtags
  7. Advertise on Twitter


1. Optimize your profile

Improve your bio to attract new followers

Your Twitter bio is one of the first things that users will look at when viewing a business profile. This is why you need to make yours unforgettable!


biographie compte twitter followers


Your bio should tell the user who you are at a glance. Carefully think about what your target audience wants to hear. Here are some tips for writing your Twitter bio:

  • Share what you do, your corporate values
  • Use relevant hashtags in your description so that your profile will appear when they are searched for
  • Include keywords to attract your desired audience
  • Add a link to your corporate website
  • Include your business location to attract local customers


Connect your Twitter account and website

Including your website link in your bio is not the only way to link your business to your account. You can also add a Twitter button to your website. This will allow visitors to easily find your account and follow you.


icone twitter sur site web


You can also embed your Twitter feed on your website. This is especially interesting if you have a blog. Brands often do it with their Instagram account, but it can also be done with Twitter using the embedded timeline widget.

Adding your feed to your website pages can be very beneficial. The internet user will very quickly understand that you are present and active on the social network.

WordPress offers different Twitter Widgets. For example, some display all your tweets by default, others highlight your best tweets.


widgets wordpress twitter favoriser les abonnés


You can also add the option to share your blog posts. Not only can this make it easier for you to share your articles yourself, but users will also be able to actively participate in improving your online visibility by sharing your articles.


partage article de blogue sur twitter


In addition to linking your Twitter account to your website, you can also link it to your various social networks. You could include a link to your YouTube videos or Facebook page.


 2. Tweet often, but wisely!

Any company that wants to get more followers on Twitter has to post often on this social network. Like all social networks, Twitter uses algorithms to determine the visibility of accounts and their tweets. You therefore have to tweet regularly to remain relevant in the algorithm.

In this sense, you can improve your visibility by implementing the following practices in your social network management strategy.

Plan your tweets and avoid posting in bursts

Planning your posts well and developing a social network content strategy can also help you get more followers on Twitter.


planificateur de publication twitter


A South Korean study determined that the main reason for unfollowing Twitter accounts is posting too often in a short period of time, regardless of the topics posted. Respondents to this research reported being overwhelmed when an account posts too often in a short period of time.

You can easily avoid losing followers with a good posting schedule. You should also know that 25% of the most active users use a content planner.

There are many social media management tools, which we mention in this related article, but My Little Big Web mostly uses Hootsuite.


Tweet when your target audience is most active

You should post content often, but not at any time! You should know the times of day when your target audience is most active to make sure that your posts are viewed and generate interactions.

meilleur moment pour publier sur Twitter

Source :


Overall, Twitter users tend to visit their home page more on weekdays, with Tuesday and Wednesday being the best days to post. Users consult the platform the most around 9:00am, often to stay up to date with current events before starting their day. In contrast, Saturdays and Sundays are the days when the engagement rate is at its lowest on Twitter.


heures avec haut taux d’engagement Twitter


Depending on your industry, your target audience may be active at different times. Carefully analyze which times will be most profitable for you in terms of interactions with your posts so you can reach as many users as possible. You can do this by using tools like Twitter Analytics, which gives you access to a host of statistics about your account.

3. Tweet relevant, high quality content

Your visual content is very beneficial for your visibility on Twitter. Adding a visual element encourages users to stay on your post, which in turn increases interaction and sharing. According to Buffer, Twitter posts with an image receive 150% more shares than those without images.

This is why companies should enhance their tweets with visual content. For example, you can choose a colourful eye-catching image. In addition, computer graphics are shared three times more often than any other type of visual content on Twitter. In short, when you have information or statistics to share, remember to present them in this form!


visuels de qualité pour compte twitter


4. Interact and build a relationship with your Twitter followers

Answer your Twitter followers

While it is recommended to develop a good social network management and content schedule strategy, it is still important that your business Twitter profile gives the impression that it is managed by humans and not bots.

You should therefore set time aside to read what Twitter users are saying about your products and services and replies to your tweets as part of your content strategy. The people who tweet about you need to feel that you value their opinion if you want to keep your audience and attract new followers. As mentioned in our article linked above, Netflix is a very interesting example for its offbeat and atypical community management.


gestion communauté followers Twitter netflix


Interact regularly with Twitter users using the (@) mentions. This will show your new followers that you are not a bot and will draw more positive attention to your business.


Tell your Twitter followers your story

Similarly, show your brand identity by posting content that reveals valuable information about your company. Sharing fun details about your company and its history on Twitter helps create a deeper connection with users who will perceive it as more personable.

gestion de communauté humaine twitter


Don’t be afraid to use a more casual tone to do this. You also don’t need to always post serious, work-related content. Be honest and show the more human side of your company, because transparency is highly appreciated by consumers. For example, you could share news at the office, or introduce your new employees to your followers. This will show your followers that your company is on a human scale and that you care about your employees!


Retweet and quote tweet relevant tweets

Retweets and quote tweets can also help you interact with your Twitter followers. This will also give your account more credibility.

Feel free to share content related to your field of activity. You can then become a source of information in addition to a simple branded page. Your followers follow you for a good reason. It is often because they are interested in your field of activity. They will be eager to learn more through retweets and quote tweets. According to a study by Statistica in 2019, 56% of Twitter users in the U.S. are on the app for the news. Be there even if you are not a primary news channel.

citation et retweet pour twitter entreprise



5. Use Fleets

Released at the end of 2020, Fleets are Twitter’s newest feature. These stories are available for 24 hours. They can feature pictures, tweets, text or videos. This new fleeting feature allows Twitter to follow the snapshot capture trend offered by Snapchat, then Instagram, Facebook, LinkedIn and now Google.


augmenter followers twitter avec les fleets


Fleets are displayed at the top of your followers’ feeds, which is beneficial for your visibility. In addition, the videos and pictures you share can be easily viewed by internet users.

6. Use memes, gifs and hashtags

Twitter is a casual social network. One thing’s for sure, humour is the key to an attractive Twitter account, so don’t be afraid to use the gif search tool. Twitter users loved using them so much that Twitter finally integrated a special search bar for photo/video reactions.


barre de recherche gifs twitter obtention abonnés


Twitter is also the social network of choice for memes. A meme is a photo on which a white text is added to add a humorous effect to the image. You can choose the themes you want, but if you manage to produce memes related to your field of activity, you hit the jackpot!


même sur Twitter mise à jour SEO


Finally, hashtags are always at the heart of trends! In fact, tweets with hashtags get twice as many clicks. We have an article about using hashtags on social networks, #thankuslater.


7. Advertise on Twitter

You can also use Twitter ads. There are different types of advertising objectives, or incentives, one of which is to gain followers. Advertising engagement on Twitter increased by 23%, so it is a tool you should consider for your strategy.


publicité sur twitter pour augmenter les followers


By being active with a followers campaign, you can show up on the suggestions section on the right side of your dashboard. A followers campaign will really help you get more followers on Twitter.


campagne sponsorisée pour plus d’abonnés twitter

The other campaigns can also help you indirectly get followers, especially the engagement or reach campaigns.


My Little Big Web helps you get more Twitter followers

In conclusion, to get more followers on Twitter, you need to include as many details as possible in your bio to quickly inform users about your business. You also need a good content strategy in order to publish regularly and at optimal times. Make sure to include visuals in your publications and to personalize them to show internet users the human side of your company. Use Twitter different features like Fleets, personalized ads or gifs to stand out.

At My Little Big Web, we can help you with your web marketing and social media management to increase your notoriety and reach your target market. If this is your goal, our specialists can set up a content strategy to meet your specific needs.

If you want your social media management to be done by a recognized web agency, contact our team online or by phone at +1 514 572 7758. We can help you, no matter your goals and needs.

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