How to Get More Likes on Facebook

Facebook has 1.82 billion daily active users worldwide, so you can see why this social network is important in web marketing.

The creation and maintenance of a Facebook page via social network management is a great way to boost your website’s traffic and promote your latest news.  On the other hand, with the rise of its paid advertising system, Facebook has modified its display algorithm to give less importance to company pages and put more emphasis on sponsored links in the user news feed. Community managers should therefore review their strategy to ensure a constant flow of new likes and followers.

Our digital marketing agency gives you 10 tips to get more likes on Facebook.

Augmenter fans facebook


Et pour vous y retrouver, voici un sommaire :

  1. Have a full and engaging Facebook page
  2. Use popular media to your advantage
  3. Create valuable content
    1. Post content regularly
    2. Create high quality visuals
    3. Share diverse content
    4. Use humour
  4. Schedule your content
  5. Analyze your audience
  6. Like exchange websites
  7. Interact with other users
  8. Use all the tools at your disposal
  9. Use Facebook’s newest features
    1. Facebook Live
    2. Facebook Offers
    3. Facebook Events
  10. Advertise on Facebook
  11. How to get more likes on Facebook


1. Have a full and engaging Facebook page

Internet users need access to essential information about your company on your Facebook page. Social networks are a very important lead resource, so be sure to fill out the “About” section of your page.

You should include your company’s address, opening hours, contact information and any other important information. You will even be able to highlight your mission, products and awards you have won. The products or services that you provide will be shown at the top of your page.


page facebook complète


You should also add a business description. This will give more credibility to your page, and therefore to your online visibility. A user is more inclined to like a completed page and Facebook will also favour it over incomplete pages.

description entreprise page facebook


In addition to having a complete page, make sure it looks good. You can set yourself apart from the competition with a profile and cover photo. For example, you can use a video to make your page more dynamic. Make sure to be consistent in your choice of photos and videos.

Remember, a Facebook profile photo is 180×180 pixels in size, while the cover photo (or video) will be 851×315 pixels.


photo de couverture et profil fans facebook


2. Use popular media to your advantage

Social media trends change on a daily basis. Facebook is constantly adapting to the various formats of the moment, which are constantly evolving.

For example, users often used emojis to describe their feelings about posts, but that era is well and truly over. 2020 marked an abundance of memes and gifs and this trend will increase in 2021!

meme page facebook abonnés

You may have seen the Fast & Curious  videos by Konbini. This format was widely liked by internet users last year and many brands used this concept. Make sure that your presence on the platform is in line with the major trends of the moment.

format video facebook nouveaux abonnés



 3. Create valuable content

Post content regularly

Your number of daily posts will depend on the type of information you share. Posting once or twice a day is usually recommended, but it may go up to three or four times a day (maximum four days a week) for some sites, especially news sites. Posting beyond this limit may be considered overselling and spam to your followers.

Similarly, avoid posting just for the sake of posting. Users like your Facebook page for the quality of your content, but they can quickly unlike it if your post quality decreases. It is better to post relevant content twice a week than low value content every day.

You can create a publication schedule to help you better organize your daily posts.

planning de publication augmentation fans facebook


Create high quality visuals

All studies will tell you that including photos in your posts considerably increases their click through rate, even on Facebook. Pictures (especially with bright colours) will catch the eye of internet users. If you do not have photos on hand, you can get some on stock photo sites (FotoliaStock.XCHNGEveryStockPhoto) or even insert your text in an image format (jpg, png, gif…) using an image creation software (Photoshop, Canva, Picasa, PhotoFiltre Studio…).

visuel de qualité abonnés facebook


Share diverse content

Offer your followers diverse content. Now that you have created a publication schedule, make sure that your formats, themes and visuals are diverse and varied. You can also use current events in your strategy, as seen during COVID-19. This will help you attract the attention of internet users and diversify your content.

partage article page facebook contenu page facebook Halloween













Use humour

Facebook is a social network mainly used to relax and pass the time, rather than to listen to the ISO Mach3 Chester Wood conference that your boss/partner kindly invited you to. Try to use a light and original tone to encourage users to like and/or share your posts. The goal is not necessarily to create the buzz of the century with each of your posts, but the most shared posts are often humorous or innovative. You will be able to improve your public perception, which has become essential for brands. On social networks, and even more so on Facebook, the Internet user is looking for a friendly and light-hearted brand. They will follow newspapers or online media to learn about harder subjects.

post humour page facebook augmentation fans



4. Schedule your content

No need to explain why posting your content at 3am won’t have the same impact as between 7 and 8 am (for news blogs) or between 12 and 2pm. Statistics show that Facebook (and Twitter) users are more likely to engage with content between 1pm and 4pm. Thursdays and weekends are also the days when pages see the highest level of engagement. If you release content in multiple countries, please remember to take into account the time difference before you start posting. If you don’t have the time to be on the lookout to post at the right time, there are many free and paid tools to automate this process (HootsuiteTweetDeckNetvibes).

best time to post on facebook

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5. Analyze your audience

The tips above will help you improve your performance, but tracking your stats remains one of the most effective ways to learn your followers’ habits and how well your posts are doing. In fact, many compani es and bloggers invest a lot of time and money to promote their activities without even taking the time to analyze their results! How can you assess the value of My Little Big Web’s wealth of information if you do not even keep track of how our advice affects your traffic? 😉


 analyse audience page facebook


6. Like exchange websites

Sensitive subject: Should I use the services offered by sites such as LikePlus, Look4likes, Like-Exchange etc.? If Mark Zuckerberg was behind my keyboard, the answer would be NO! But he’s not here (at least I don’t think so). To be objective without trying to spread a “web morality”, we can admit that these services can be efficient if your goal is to get more Facebook likes in a limited time. These services are based on the like exchange. After you sign up, you will have to fill in your page information before accessing a user that will ask you to like other pages. For every page you “like”, you get a new “like” on yours.

Other than the fact that like exchange is forbidden by Facebook, you will get less engagement (or even none) from those followers compared to followers gained organically (posting content, user likes, interactions between followers, etc.). It’s up to you to decide if quantity matters more than quality.



7. Interact with other users

As explained earlier in this article, Facebook has revised its algorithm to diversify the types of posts displayed in users’ news feeds. One of the components that influences your content’s exposure is the reaction it elicits. Try to include incentives for action by asking users questions, for their opinion, or inviting them to share the information.

interactions avec les fans de page facebook


Traditional media does not offer sufficient interaction. This has been seen with posters or newspapers. On the other hand, TV and radio offer a variety of interactions, but they requires a certain amount of effort (sending a text, connecting to the internet or a partner application). Facebook is ideal for getting reactions since you only need to click on a button to express your opinion. Internet users are looking for this particular connection with brands, which they can’t get through traditional media.

Make sure you create and maintain these interactions and always respond to comments and messages you receive. Facebook Messenger can help you communicate with your followers. If you set up an auto-reply on Messenger, make sure it is personalized.


messagerie automatique page facebook


8. Use all the tools at your disposal

This tip makes sense, but you may not have used all your existing media to promote your Facebook page. You can insert a link on each page of your website (or a Like Box), in your e-mail signature, your newsletters, your e-mail campaigns, or even insert a pop-up (not too intrusive) at the bottom of the screen.


lien page facebook sur site internet


9. Use Facebook’s newest features

Facebook Live

What better way to interact with your followers than with Facebook Live? Live will allow you to interact with your followers in real time. Turn these special moments into a unique experience. With COVID-19, Lives are more valuable than ever. Going Live can help you get more likes.

facebook live pour augmenter ses abonnés facebook


Lives can be useful for special events, conferences or question/answer sessions. Users could also see different concerts, workout sessions, recipes… Be creative!


Facebook Offers

Facebook gives you the opportunity to post commercial offers, discounts and deals. By using this option, you can be featured in your followers’ feeds. When the offer highlighting is used, Facebook will recommend your company to users even more.

offre à proposer aux fans de page facebook


Facebook Events

You have to stay active on the platform to get more likes. You can do this by creating events. You can do this by creating events. The current situation limits the possibilities, but you can very well create an online event. When one of your followers participates in the event, all of their Facebook friends will be notified. It’s a quick and easy way to grow on the platform.

evenement pour augmenter ses fans facebook


10. Advertise on Facebook

If you want to send a notification to Facebook users to make them like your page, they need to be in your contacts. Therefore, if you created a Facebook account in your company’s name or if you have few contacts, you may not reach the number of people you want. The best way is to user the social network’s paid ads. Find out how to estimate the budget of a Facebook Ads campaign with this article!


facebook ads pour avoir plus de fans


How to get more likes on Facebook

These tips will help you get more qualified likes on Facebook. You will be able to attract the attention and interest of internet users. In marketing, we often talk about the AIDA method (Attention, Interest, Desire, Action). Never forget that whatever content you post on social networks must be of interest to your company. Use social networks to present your products or services in order to get internet users’ attention, which will turn into interest, then desire and finally action (buyer’s journey).

We hope this article provided you with the information you were looking for. If you feel an urge to share it on your social network, give in to the temptation by clicking on the buttons below. You will be immediately redirected to your Facebook, Twitter, G+, etc. 😉

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