How To Connect Wireless Speaker To Receiver: 3 Tips to Convert Wired Speakers Wireless

Many people believe that the process followed to connect wireless speaker to receiver is challenging. Equally, some people believe that it is the easiest task. However, we have found that it is not easy as you may think, and it may not be as complicated as you may think.

How To Connect Wireless Speaker To Receiver

The advantage of using wireless speakers is that they make your place look tidy. Challenges such as having wires in a disorganized manner tend to lower as you only need to have the speaker charged. You will also find it convenient because there is room to ass any device you wish to play via a speaker.

We have come up with a guide that is going to make the process of your connection simpler.

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How To Connect Wireless Speaker To Receiver

To connect a receiver to a wireless speaker you can use Bluetooth by using a Bluetooth transmitter, a WiFi connection for newer versions, or even Google Chromecast/ airplay which requires a WiFi connection.

If your receiver doesn’t have the option to connect with Bluetooth, you’ll need to buy a Bluetooth transmitter. Connect the receiver to the Bluetooth transmitter, then turn the wireless speakers on.

There are two main types of wireless connections that allow you to connect your devices. You can either use the Bluetooth connection or the WiFi connection. Each type of connection has its pros and cons that make it stand out or become a bad choice.

1. Bluetooth connection

Bluetooth connection is the most common method that people use for connection. It works when two or more devices have Bluetooth technology. It works even the places that do not have a network connection as there is stable service.

When using a receiver, you have to ensure that it has Bluetooth integration. You will notice that most of the models have Bluetooth integration, but many others do not have the capability. Confirming the presence is easy because it appears as one of the specifications of the product.

If you do not have one that has the integration, you may need to use the Bluetooth transmitter itself. It is even better because it manages all Bluetooth devices.

Integrated Bluetooth receivers

You have to check closely to ensure that the Bluetooth receiver has the integration. This is because models claim to have the integration, but they do not have it. When a device has a Bluetooth receiver, it can comfortably allow for sharing with Bluetooth devices.

However, you need to check if the device has a Bluetooth transmitter. This is the feature that will allow for the connection of the wireless speakers and many others. You need to check that the device has the features activated. They will make the process of identification and connection easier and more convenient.

Most of these devices have a user manual that guides you about how you will make the connection.

How to connect the receiver with Bluetooth to the wireless speaker?

  • Check on the presence of the Bluetooth transmitter. Once you have confirmed that it is present and active, you can proceed to the next step. Checking is easy as you will check with the user manual if it is present and then activate it on the Bluetooth settings.
  • Search to get the device– you now need to go to the details of searching to see the Bluetooth speaker. You need to ensure that you are familiar with the Bluetooth speaker’s name to spot it conveniently.
  • Select and pair the devices– now you need to select and pair up the devices. You will do so by picking it from the location and selecting the pairing option. If the process is successful, you will get a sound notification from the speaker or see it on the Bluetooth settings.
  • Play the music– once you have confirmed that the speaker has done a successful pairing, you will try to play the music. You will have the speaker conveniently playing

How to connect a wireless speaker to a receiver without Bluetooth

The challenge now comes in. you will get models that do not have a Bluetooth connection. However, this is a challenge that you will quickly encounter.

You need to buy a Bluetooth transmitter, in this case, which happens to be a less expensive device. It is a device that will allow you to use Bluetooth connection to have most of your devices connected. The transmitter is a headphone jack size of 3.5mm and uses different ports such as RCA, coax, and optic ports. 

Once you have this device working, you will begin the process of connection. It is straightforward and very simple. Here is the process;

  • Connect the transmitter to the device– you will start by connecting the transmitter to the device. Once connected, the ability to have the Bluetooth connection working properly activates.
  • Turn on the Bluetooth connection– after turning on the Bluetooth connection from both devices, you will have the connectivity working. There is a high chance that the devices will have an automatic connection.
  • Pair the devices– if the devices do not connect automatically, you will have to do some pairing. You will search for the wireless speaker and then pick it to pair up. The next thing you need to have is the devices connecting to the wireless speaker through the receiver.
  • You can now continue playing your music as the devices can now work without a problem.

2. WiFi connection

Wifi connection is another technology that has come to make things easier for wireless connections. Under this connection, all the devices you intend to use, including the wireless speaker, must be Bluetooth enabled. The beauty of these speakers and WiFi devices is that they have become famous and more available in the markets.

You will have good times with the flexibility, reliability, and freedom you enjoy when using these devices. Most people have become internet users, and homes have become places of smartness in technology. One of the advantages you will get when your devices are Bluetooth active is the ease of management.

So long as the devices are working under the same connection, you will easily manage them. The connection of multiple gadgets is also easy. You will assess the device with the best wifi technology as some technologies may not work well.

The connection of the speakers using the WiFi technology is as follows;

  • Check if the receiver is working-you have to assess the receiver’s condition and make the necessary connections before getting to the speaker and the wifi connection.
  • Create a connection between speaker and router– the first thing to do is create a connection between the router and the wifi devices. The speaker needs some external control as you will have to manage the router to make the connection.  This process can be tedious if the devices have a problem with the connection. Click the button on the speaker, and it will search the router and connect automatically.
  • Connect your phone to the router– you will need to create a connection between your mobile device and the router. You will open the device setting and then pick the wifi option. On selecting the option, the device will allow you to key in the password. You will then have the device using the wifi connection.
  • Open the song– the next thing you need to do is to open the song you want to play through the speaker on the phone or the computer that is already connected to the wifi. The next thing you will see is the passcode that you will enter so that the device begins to play via the connection. Make sure that you have used the proper passcode as it may refuse to connect.
  • Set up the WiFi connection– if you notice that the outcome is not the one you have been expecting, you will need to make a few setting changes. You will troubleshoot by doing the following;
  • Check if the speaker has gone off and the connection is no longer working.
  • Then check if you have keyed in the right passcode.
  • Check on the range of the connection that the speaker is within a manageable distance.
  • Switch the device off and then on again so that the whole rebooting process restarts.
  • Check on the stability of the connection- another essential thing you have to check is the presence of a stable connection. There are high chance the connection is a bit shaky and will not deliver as you expect. 
  • Check on the number of connected devices- you now have to assess the number of connected devices. It is helpful because the router may have exceeded, which may not be so proper.  If there are any connected devices, then you can consider disconnecting a few devices.

Alternatives for Bluetooth and WiFi connections

It is also possible to choose not to use Bluetooth and the wifi connection. Some of the technologies that you can try are google Chromecast and airplay. These have very good compatibility with wireless speakers and will deliver outstanding performance.

The process of setting these technologies up is straightforward as they work over the Bluetooth connection. Once you have paired it with Bluetooth, you will plug and play to have it working. Configuration of the receiver and the speaker is done in advance.

Finally, you can use non-wireless connection methods including a 3.5mm headphone jack, HDMI cable, and optic cables for the newer versions. Moreover, RCA cable- plug the RCA cable into the RCA output. 


The use of gadgets and technologies is becoming more interesting. Various features are stepping in to make the process of wireless connection more efficient.

To connect a receiver to a wireless speaker you can use Bluetooth by using a Bluetooth transmitter, a WiFi connection for newer versions, or even Google Chromecast/ airplay.

We have covered some of the ways that you can connect a wireless speaker to a receiver easily. The process is simple and convenient.


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