Faceless Clock Makes You Think Twice About How It Works

We appreciate initiatives that make you do a double-consider when you initially see them. It is often pleasurable to assume you see a single detail, but then gradually know almost everything is not really what you envisioned. And this faceless analog clock is extremely much a single of these jobs.

When we first observed [Shinsaku Hiura]’s “Hollow Clock 4,” we assumed the trick to generating it glimpse like the fingers were being floating in area would count on the considered use of crystal clear acrylic. But no, this clock is really faceless — you could conveniently stick a finger from entrance to back again. The illusion is reached by connecting the moment hand to the rim of the clock, and rotating the complete outer circumference through a compact 3D printed equipment coach. It is a pretty clever mechanism, and it’s clear that it took a whole lot of do the job to improve everything so that the full search of the clock is smooth and modern.

But what about the hour hand? Which is just related to the end of the minute hand at the middle of the clock’s virtual confront, so how does that perform? As it is with most matters that appear to be magical, the solution is magnets. The outer rim of the clock really has an additional ring, this one containing a pair of neodymium magnets. They attract a further magnet located in the pretty close of the hour hand, dragging it along as the hour ring rotates. The video clip beneath demonstrates off the secrets, and it gives you some plan of how considerably get the job done went into this clock.

We’re utilized to viewing distinctive and enjoyable timepieces and other devices from [Shinsaku Hiura] — this up-flipping clock arrives to intellect, as does this custom made RPN calculator — but this undertaking is evidently a move past.


Luis Robinson

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