Facebook Messenger Marketing: The 5 Best Strategies

There are more than 1.3 billion monthly users on the Facebook Messenger platform. Yes, you read that right, 1.3 billion people every month! With such a large number, there is no doubt that you can use this platform in your marketing plan.

As an increasing number of people prefer instant messaging to other communication channels, the potential of Messenger is enormous. With the various advances and constant improvement of this platform, it is worth looking into the subject.

That said, here’s what our community management experts from our web agency have to say about the top 5 best marketing strategies on Facebook Messenger.

Why should you use mobile messaging platforms like Facebook Messenger?

A number of interesting trends show that instant messaging is essential for reaching subscribers or customers. In fact, a study conducted by Facebook IQ revealed some surprising statistics. Among those interviewed, respondents explain that the simple fact of being able to chat directly with a company creates a positive dynamic:

  • 63% say they are more receptive to the business
  • 59% say the company seems more responsive to their needs
  • 55% say they have more confidence in the company

Moreover, people now prefer to send messages rather than call a company to talk to customer service. Which is why developing marketing strategies for Facebook Messenger can be valuable to your business. Let’s take a look at the 5 best strategies to consider.

1 — Open discussion with your Messenger subscribers

The primary marketing strategy you can use on Facebook Messenger is engaging your subscribers in discussion. You can set up a welcome conversation so that your customers are automatically greeted and taken care of if they have any questions.

You can use a chatbot, which is software programmed to simulate a natural conversation, to initiate a chat when your subscribers open your Facebook page. If you want to make it even simpler, you can also record a welcome message. You can do this by going to your Facebook page settings, under the messaging tab, and recording your message:




This will help customers feel empowered, which will positively enhance their overall experience and appreciation of your business. If you take the example of a retail store, customers are always approached as soon as they enter the store. Why not do the same on your social networks like Facebook Messenger?

2 — Share your content via Facebook Messenger for an improved marketing strategy

Another marketing strategy on Messenger that may be interesting for your company is sharing your content directly via this platform. This is a good content marketing strategy because it allows you to reach your subscribers quickly, improve their responsiveness and give them immediate access to the information you want to promote.

In addition, when you publish your content on your social networks, for example on your Facebook page, it can sometimes get lost in the wealth of information on the News Feed. Sending it directly to your subscribers’ inbox will make your content more likely to reach more people. This in turn will increase your visibility.

You should keep in mind that content marketing isn’t limited to just one format. You can offer your subscribers videos, blog posts, podcasts, online conferences, etc. via Messenger. This gives your audience access to a variety of your content, without continually getting the same information over and over again.

Here again with a chatbot, you can send your content to your subscribers and start a conversation with the chat robot. ChatFuel is the leading platform for creating bots on Facebook Messenger. Tools of this kind are bound to have an impact on the world of digital marketing and you should therefore consider this alternative for your strategy.

3 — Help your subscribers find content directly on Messenger

Not only can you distribute your content to your subscribers on Messenger, but you can also help them find engaging content directly on this platform.

This strategy offers you a non-intrusive way to deliver personalized content to your audience in response to their requests. Using your chatbot as content marketing allows you to direct customers to your page or website.

You can therefore create a conversational tool that helps your subscribers search the Messenger conversation. However, this chatbot automation is a little more difficult to create than a chatbot that just delivers content. Management tools such as ManyChat and Botsify have guides and templates to help you develop this type of robot.

4 — Deliver your ads via Messenger to round out your marketing strategy

What better way to reach your target audience than face-to-face? You can do this with Messenger ads. While Facebook’s News Feed is saturated with ads, you can use Messenger’s ads to engage your subscribers directly in the Home tab of their application. To do this, when you create a new ad in the Ad Manager, you will need to select Messenger in the Traffic tab to place your ad:



Clicking on the ad will redirect your subscribers to your website or to a Messenger conversation. However, if you think that this type of advertising might bother your subscribers, you can simply opt for Facebook Ads. Your audience will still be able to reach you with a single click!




5 — Engage event participants on Messenger

Another marketing strategy with Facebook Messenger is to send important information and reminders about events that people have registered for.

For example, you can send a reminder the day before or on the day of the event with essential information such as the time, location and schedule of the various activities.

Another option is to send a Messenger link so that your subscribers can add it to their calendar or even create a link to simply generate traffic to your website. These simple reminders will help you increase the visibility of your events and encourage your subscribers to participate.

Once again, the ManyChat tool helps make this strategy easier. You can use it to create lists of subscribers and easily broadcast your events by adding attachments.

5 Facebook Messenger marketing strategies to try for your business

In short, these 5 strategies are part of the future of marketing on Facebook Messenger. As tactics change every day, it can be worthwhile to leverage them in your own strategy. These ideas will be perfect for opening up new forms of interaction and building a stronger bond with your customers.

At My Little Big Web, we can help you plan your web marketing strategy. We know that each company has specific needs and we work with you to build a strategy that reflects your brand image.

If you think you need help in developing your marketing strategies, we invite you to contact our team of experts. We will be happy to assist you, whatever your needs.

Luis Robinson

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