Electromagnetic Modeling and Design of an Actuator

An electromagnetic actuator is a system that converts electrical strength into mechanical strength in the form of linear or rotational motion. The motion can be made use of, for case in point, to vibrate a speaker diaphragm, open up and near an
electromagnetic valve, or open and close an electromagnetic relay.

A typical electromagnetic actuator is composed of many parts which includes coils, magnets, magnetic substance, andother mechanical and digital factors for management. Building a sophisticated actuator process involving these
factors can be complicated. Engineers and researchers can use finite factor evaluation (FEA) software package to design and enhance these programs a lot more efficiently.

In this webinar, guest speaker Nirmal Paudel of Veryst Engineering will show a workflow for developing an electromagnetic actuator using the COMSOL Multiphysics® simulation computer software and its parametric sweep and
optimization instruments in both static and transient simulations.

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Dr. Nirmal Paudel
Direct Engineer, Veryst Engineering

Dr. Nirmal Paudel is a Guide Engineer at Veryst Engineering. Dr. Paudel has an intensive history in computational electromagentics and merchandise advancement in the R&D (exploration and enhancement) environment. He has additional than a ten years of encounter in modeling and creating electromagnetic units. Earlier Dr. Paudel was at ABB Inc. as a Principal R&D Engineer and COMSOL Inc. as a Group Leader.

Dr. Paudel has co-authored several peer-reviewed investigation articles or blog posts in international journals and for conferences, and has been a reviewer for quite a few journals, together with IEEE Transactions on Magnetics (from the Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers) and ACES Journal (from the Applied Computational Electromagentics Culture).

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