Dishwasher Repair Nightmare: Chasing Down 3 Faults

It all begun with a obscure error code (shown in the impression higher than) on [nophead]’s Bosch SMS88TW01G/01 dishwasher, and it touched off a months-long restore nightmare that even associated a logic analyzer. [nophead] is normally capable to handily diagnose and repair electronic appliances, but this time he experienced no idea what he was in for.

Not many dishwashers require breaking out a logic analyzer and 3D-printed custom adapters, but this one particular did.

Not only were being a few individual and unrelated faults at engage in (just one of them misrepresented as a communications error that prompted a lot of head-scratching) but to top it all off, the equipment is just not quite mend-helpful. The Bosch machine utilized components which are not conveniently obtainable. In the conclusion [nophead] prevailed, but it truly was a nightmare maintenance of the highest purchase. So what went mistaken?

One error seems to have been because of to a manufacturing dilemma. While reverse-engineering the electronics in the appliance, [nophead] discovered a floor-mounted transistor that appeared crooked. It was unfastened to the contact and fell into pieces when he attempted to desolder it. This portion was responsible for switching an optical sensor, so that was just one challenge solved.

Another issue was a “communications error”. This basically came down to floor leakage owing to a corroded and defective heater, and to say that it was a discomfort to entry is an understatement. Accessing this element calls for the machine to be turned upside down, for the reason that the only way to get to it is by eradicating the foundation of the dishwasher, which by itself necessitates a bizarre collection of awkward and unintuitive actions to get rid of. Oh, and prior to turning the equipment upside down, one has to purge the sump pump, which essential a 3D-printed adapter… and the list goes on.

And the E02 error code, the detail that started it all? This was solved early in troubleshooting by shifting a resistor price by a tiny quantity. [nophead] is properly mindful that this fix tends to make no sense, but potentially it was in fact similar to the floor leakage dilemma brought about by the corroded heater. It may return to haunt the upcoming, but in the meantime, the equipment would seem pleased.

It goes to clearly show that even nevertheless every single fault has a lead to and a cause, at times they are significantly from very clear or obtainable, and the highway to repair is just a long slog. Heck, even phones these times can be bricked by unintentionally swapping a 1.3 mm screw for a 1.2 mm screw.

Luis Robinson

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