Digitize Your Slide Deck With This Arduino-Powered Slide Carousel

If you’re over a specified age, you almost certainly bear in mind the environment of a pre-Powerpoint 35 mm slide demonstrate. The wobbly display screen getting unrolled, the darkened place, the gentle hum of the projector’s fan, the a little bit grainy photo on the monitor and that unmistakable click on-whoosh-clack sound as the projector loaded the upcoming slide. These days you’ll be tricky pressed to find everyone willing to established up a display screen and darken the space just to look at a couple pics, so if you even now have any slides lying all around you will most likely want to digitize them. If you have also stored your projector then this doesn’t even have to be that hard, as [Scott Lawrence] demonstrates in his latest challenge.

[Scott] manufactured a set up to specifically hook up a DLSR, in this situation a Nikon D70, to a Kodak 760 slide carousel. The attachment is built as a result of a 3D-printed adapter that matches onto the Nikon’s macro lens on one particular aspect and slides snugly into the carousel’s lens slot on the other. The adapter also retains an IR transmitter which is aimed at the camera’s receiver, in buy to result in its remote shutter launch perform.

The carousel’s initial light source was replaced with a compact LED studio light-weight, which makes it possible for for precise brightness handle and of training course continues to be great and awesome in contrast to the first incandescent bulb. The mild, camera and carousel motor are all managed through a central consumer interface pushed by an Arduino Leonardo which can instantly progress the carousel and instruct the digicam to get a photograph, therefore taking the really hard operate out of digitizing massive stacks of slides.

[Scott] designs to make the application and STL information accessible on GitHub soon, so any person can go in advance and change their projector into a digitizer. If you’ve misplaced your projector on the other hand, a straightforward 3D-printed slide adapter for your camera also works for smaller slide decks.

https://www.youtube.com/look at?v=x3WkqTZ-UXk

Luis Robinson

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