Cassette Player Cupholder Is A Useful But Risky Idea

The cup was invented in 1570 BC. Inspite of this, infuriatingly, the cupholder did not turn out to be widespread in the automotive planet until the early 2000s. Vehicles developed in the many years PCH (pre-cupholder) generally also had tape decks. Noticing this romance, [thephatmaster] created this helpful cassette-deck cupholder accent.

The structure is basic, consisting of a 3D printed ring with a tab that neatly slides into an automotive stereo’s cassette slot. The design does require that the tape deck be empty prior to inserting the cup holder. Provided that couple cassette gamers from that period nevertheless work, this is not substantially of a drawback. Of training course, if you really do need tunes, it wouldn’t be too tricky to integrate a Bluetooth cassette adapter into the printed structure.

[thephatmaster] makes use of the cupholder in a Mercedes W202, and has posted a special inclined variation to go well with this product. The creator also notes that using it on vehicles like the Mercedes W210 can be a chance. The cupholder normally sites the beverage directly over the transmission lever, the place any spills can problems switches or other critical electronics. Also, the cupholder is not made to function with vertical tape decks, though modification for this layout might be feasible.

This build might glance foolish or pointless to some. But if you have ever tried using to pull a U-turn in an previous handbook car or truck whilst precariously cradling a steaming latte concerning your legs, you are going to clearly see the value below. It only has to conserve 1 pair of trousers ahead of it is compensated for alone.

We’ve found some other imaginative cupholder hacks just before too, like this nifty laptop holder. If you have whipped up your own nifty automobile hacks, send them into the tipsline.

Luis Robinson

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