BT Sport Picks Synamedia’s VIVID Compression Encoding & Streaming Technology

Synamedia, the world’s largest independent video software provider, announced that its VIVID Compression platform, powered by AMD EPYC 7763 processors, was one of a range of partners to support UK broadcaster BT Sport’s 8K-UHD broadcast of the Saracens vs. Bristol Bears Gallagher Premiership Rugby on March 26, 2022. 

This accomplishment was the UK’s first live 8K home broadcast of a top-tier sporting event delivered in 8K using a single CPU to encode the broadcast.

Along with the AMD EPYC processors, VIVID Compression delivers pin-sharp sports scenes by eliminating the need for multiple tiles and other technology tricks which compromise video quality. Its Artificial Intelligence (AI)-based algorithms remove the need for technology trade-offs by leveraging the full codec toolset, powered by AMD EPYC 7763 processors.

This deployment has proven that there is no need to split the 8K signal into 4K quadrants, nor for dedicated CPUs or other hardware acceleration. With Synamedia’s software capabilities and AMD EPYC processors, premium quality 8K video is available today at an affordable price point with less dependency on expensive hardware.

Elke Hungenaert, Vice President, Product Management, Synamedia
Our highly efficient software-defined, AI-based compression algorithms, combined with the power of the AMD EPYC processor high core-counts, deliver on the market demand for immersive experiences to feel as if fans are ‘in the game.

James Knight, director, Global Media & Entertainment – VFX, AMD
Our technology partnership with Synamedia has already helped drive the industry forward, and we’re proud to support companies like BT Sport on their mission to deliver high-quality viewing experiences. Our collaboration has already supported one industry-first, and we’re excited for the many more to come.

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