Behold A Microscope That Sees By Squashing Things Into It

“Look with your eyes, not your hands” is something lots of of us have read whilst expanding up, but that does not utilize to the touch-delicate microscope [Steve Mould] obtained to play with.

Gel pad taken off, exposing lens and multi-directional lights.

The wand-like product is made by Gelsight, and as a substitute of an optical lens like a usual microscope, it sporting activities a gel pad on the sensing finish. By squashing an item into the gel, the product is equipped to meticulously illuminate and picture the impact made. By using numerous visuals lit from distinct angles, a ton of information and facts can be extracted.

The consequence is a higher-resolution magnification — albeit a monochromatic just one — that conveys depth really properly. It is fairly neat clearly observing very small specks of dust or lint existing on surfaces when [Steve] demonstrates imaging items like coin cells.

A lot of a hacker knows that the devil is in the specifics when it arrives to executing an idea. Even so, the essential concepts of the Gelsight appear simple adequate and perhaps within just the realm of impressed Do-it-yourself in the exact same way that we noticed a CNC gantry and USB microscope repurposed as an optical comparator.

Look at the Gelsight in action in the online video underneath, embedded below the web site crack. out?v=qtQ4rK66vlE

Luis Robinson

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