Audio Playback Toy For DSP Adventures

The declining costs of single-board computer systems has produced serious computing electric power readily available for even the most trivial of responsibilities. It’s easy sufficient to slap a Raspberry Pi onto just about just about anything for approximately the very same cost as a impressive 32-bit microcontroller platform, but this normally takes some of the entertaining out of jobs for a couple of of us. On the lookout to get into the weeds can be a obstacle as very well, as [Michal Zalewski] demonstrates in this audio playback unit he built from a uncomplicated 8-bit microcontroller.

The little toy takes audio enter from a microphone by an op-amp and feeds this signal to an ADC in just the AVR128DA28 microcontroller. The knowledge is then saved on a separate memory chip all set to be performed back again by way of yet another op-amp paired with a speaker. This is exactly where becoming acquainted with the interior workings of the microcontroller arrives in handy. By manipulating the interrupt routines in distinct techniques, the audio saved in memory can be performed back again at numerous speeds.

[Michal] meant this construct to be a toy for 1 of his more youthful kinfolk, and for the cost of a couple ICs and buttons it does a fairly good work of turning a normal voice into a chipmunk voice like some industrial children’s toys some of us may recall. If the style aesthetics of this gadget search familiar, you may well be thinking of his minimalist gaming system which we lately highlighted.

Luis Robinson

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